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The Tale of ChickenTales... 

My name is Hans!


Many years ago I was a young volunteer at a Muscular Dystrophy camp and I made a very special friend. We bonded over humor and rubber chickens (among many things). As I grew up and his disease progressed, we remained great friends. I started traveling all over the world for my job and every place I went I started taking rubber chicken photos to share with him. I had many crazy adventures and chance meetings with all sorts of interesting, and sometimes famous, people. Whenever I ran into someone noteworthy I’d get a chicken signed to bring back to my friend… and he amassed quite the collection of rubber chickens! Eventually my friend passed away far too young, but I have carried on the tradition of bringing joy through Rubber Chickens on all of my travels for many years. ChickenTales is a place where I can tell past stories and also keep the adventures going! (And who knows, maybe YOU will be in one of them!) 


 Thank you for your support of ChickenTales. Please keep checking back for stories and updates! 

~ Hans

Man in Chicken Suit  ChickenTales
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